Food4Climate Pavilion

Bring food system transformation to the heart of the international climate agenda

The launch of the Pavilion at COP27 last year, alongside other food system Pavilions, was groundbreaking because it signified recognition at UN-level of the relationship between climate change and food production. 

At COP28, ProVeg International is gearing up to build on the success of COP27 and further emphasise the need to make the shift towards plant-rich diets, adopt sustainable and resilient agricultural practices, and reduce food loss and waste.


Any questions? We have the answers!

What is the pavilion?

The Food4Climate pavilion is a space within the Blue Zone that will be open from Thursday 30 November to 12 December. Partnering organisations will host events to bring food system transformation and sustainable diets to the heart of COP28, mainstreaming a transition toward diverse and resilient food production and consumption systems.

Who are the organisations behind the Food4Climate pavilion?

A total of 20 partner organisations have already signed up to join ProVeg at its Pavilion, including: World Animal Protection, A Well-Fed World, Humane Society International, the Jeremy Coller Foundation, Mercy for Animals, Compassion in World Farming, FOUR PAWS, the Plant Based Foods Institute, the Buddhist Tzu Chi Foundation, the Changing Markets Foundation, the Plant-Based Foods Institute, Topsector Horticulture & Starting Materials, Terrascope, Food Tank, the MENA Youth Nework, Young Professionals for Agricultural Development (YPARD), International Association of Students in Agricultural and Related Sciences (IAAS), YOUNGO Food and Agriculture, the ProVeg Youth Board, Upfield and Impossible Foods.

What are the main objectives of the Food4Climate pavilion?

  • Bringing food system transformation and sustainable diets to the heart of COP28
  • Mainstreaming a transition toward diverse and resilient food production and consumption systems as a key climate mitigation and adaptation solution
  • Bringing diverse stakeholders together to discuss challenges and solutions

What covers our 10 days programme?

Our programme is divided into four chapters: 

  1. Setting the stage and taking stock
    Friday 1 December: (Re)thinking food systems
    Saturday 2 December: Transforming consumption
    Sunday 3 December: Building on past work
    Monday 4 December: Connecting the dots
  1. Showcasing innovation and solutions for planet and human health
    Tuesday 5 December: Promoting innovation
    Wednesday 6 December: Empowering change
  1. Giving a voice to the unheard
    Friday 8 December: Cultivating a green generation
    Saturday 9 December: Leaving no one behind
  1. Expanding our work for better action
    Sunday 10 December: Growing the movement
    Monday 11 December: Extending our scope of actions

Thursday 7 December is the official day of rest.

What kind of events will we be organising? 

We will organise all types of events, from panel discussions to debates, from film screenings to receptions, from mini-conferences to award announcements. You won’t be disappointed, so come by and stay for a bit! 

Can I take part digitally or in-person? 

If you have access to COP28 and the Blue Zone, you will be able to attend our events in-person at the Food4Climate Pavilion.

Where to find you exactly?

Will any food be served? 

We aim to host several receptions during the conference and there may be some finger food at those. However, the main purpose of the pavilion is to host discussions on food systems and agriculture, not to serve food. Nevertheless, we should be serving coffee from time to time in the Action on Food Hub, so feel free to drop by.

What will happen after the pavilion/after COP28?

As we pursued our work after COP28, the Food4Climate Pavilion will strengthen and expand the network of stakeholders interested in food systems change to all kinds of stakeholders (national delegates, UN agencies, private sector, civil society, youth and more) and help build common strategies for 2024 and beyond.

We will continue collaborating on projects outside of the conference as climate work doesn’t stop after COP! 

Why should I join/participate in the events?

If you eat food, you are a stakeholder in the food system! There is a seat at the table for you to join the conversation. Our events should be live streamed, interactive, and allow for networking and Q&A. Make yourself heard! 

That’s why we encourage you to join our events and participate as much as you can. We need more voices and discussions around food systems, agriculture and dietary change!

Who can I contact if I have any questions?

Feel free to reach out to the team!


Exciting topics every day

Food4Climate Programme

30 Nov

Setting the stage and taking stock

1 Dec

Friday 1 December

Re)thinking food systems

2 Dec

Saturday 2 December

Transforming consumption

3 Dec

Sunday 3 December

Building on past work

4 Dec

Monday 4 December

Connecting the dots

Showcasing innovation and solutions for planet and human health

5 Dec

Tuesday 5 December

Promoting innovation

6 Dec

Wednesday 6 December

Empowering change

Giving a voice to the unheard

8 Dec

Friday 8 December

Cultivating a green generation

9 Dec

Saturday 9 December

Leaving no one behind

Expanding our work for better action

10 Dec

Sunday 10 December

Growing the movement

11 Dec

Monday 11 December

Extending our scope of action


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