Saturday 2 December

Transforming consumption

10.00 – 10.45 GMT+4
The methane snail race: How big meat and dairy companies are lagging behind in the critical decade for methane action
Two years since the introduction of the Global Methane Pledge, ambitious action on methane emissions reductions from the private sector has been lagging behind. Slow progress; unambitious and misleading climate plans; false solutions… all have formed part of the slow path the meat and dairy companies have decided to embark on which prevent us from transitioning into a more sustainable production system and consumption pattern. With methane emissions representing 50-80% of these companies’ emissions footprint, it is imperative that these companies get on a faster lane to reduce their methane emissions.
Nusa Urbancic, Changing Markets Foundation
Glenn Hurrowitz, Mighty Earth
John Willis, Planet Tracker
Rachel Sherrington, Reporter, DeSmog
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Organised by Changing Markets Foundation
11.15 – 12.00 GMT+4
A Call to Action for the Health Ministerial: We Need Healthy Diets for Healthy People & Planet
Healthy diets are essential for our individual well-being but also play a crucial role in preserving the health of our planet. The food choices we make have far-reaching consequences, impacting not only our own health but also the environment, with food systems being responsible for 35% of the total greenhouse gas emissions. Diets and food systems are at the heart of the health–nutrition–environment nexus. The food we eat, how it is produced and its journey from farm to plate determine how food systems affect human and planetary health. This event will focus on food systems solutions that showcase their power to transform health systems to become more sustainable. By making conscious food choices, we can contribute to a healthier, more sustainable world for ourselves and future generations. Featuring inspiring case studies from cities and health ministers, and discussion with faith, youth, Indigenous peoples and WHO on the need for healthy, plant-rich diets for health, climate, and food systems.
Lujain Alqodmani (TBC) (Opening Remarks)
Steve Chiu, Buddhist Tzu Chi Foundation
Xananine Calvillo Ramirez, ProVeg, youth/indigenous
– NYC Mayor’s Office Food Policy (TBC)
– Health Minister, Ghana (TBC)
– CIWF (Closing Remarks) (TBC)

Lina Mahy, WHO
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Organised by the Buddhist Tzu Chi Foundation and ProVeg International, in collaboration with the World Health Organization
14.00 – 14.45 GMT+4
The Role of Plant Foods in Transitioning to a Sustainable Food System
To bring together key stakeholders, experts, policymakers, and representatives and highlight the environmental, health, and economic benefits of plant-based foods. And to discuss policies and regulatory frameworks promoting plant-based food development. Collaboratively address challenges within the plant-based food sector
Speakers TBC.
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Organised by the Plant Based Foods Institute and the International Plant Based Foods Working Group
15.15 – 16.00 GMT+4
‘Carbon Pricing in Agriculture and Food Systems – a great opportunity or a complex distraction?
Over 50 countries have implemented successful CO2 taxes on fossil fuels or Emission Trading Schemes to reduce GHG-emissions from industry, energy, transport or housing sectors. However, no single country has implemented carbon pricing for agri-food systems, while 1/3 of all global GHG emissions is coming from food systems according to the UN. There is an urgent need for carbon pricing in agri food systems too. What do we already know from science, countries, the recent EU Commission Agri-ETS report and other stakeholders who consider to start with it? Is it a bad idea, very complex and not needed? Or the best way for steep emission reductions?
Thomas Lingard, Global Head of Sustainability, Unilever
Jeroom Remmers, Director, TAPP Coalition
– Others TBC.
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Organised by the TAPP Coalition and Unilever