Monday 4 December

Connecting the dots

10.00 – 10.45 GMT+4
Active Advocacy: Towards the New World of Regenerative Agriculture
Our sessions offer a unique opportunity for our audience to gain insight into the world of regenerative agriculture across Europe, the Middle East and Africa. Through an engaging 7-minute video presentation.
Aisha Hassan
Lukas Paltanavičius
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Organised by Cycle to Farms
11.15 – 12.00 GMT+4
14.00 – 14.45 GMT+4
Climate-Finance-Food Nexus: Navigating Climate Risks and Opportunities
Join us to explore the complex interplay of global climate change, financial systems, and food production. This event aims to provide insights into the livestock industry’s vital role in achieving climate objectives. 

We will introduce FAIRR Initiative’s Climate Risk Tool during the session. This innovative tool combines a global land use model with company-level financial information of the biggest meat and dairy producers, to showcase the magnitude of financial risks that the livestock sector is likely to face under different scenarios of global warming. The findings from the tool underline the necessity for investors to acknowledge these embedded risks and consider the potential for portfolio diversification towards more sustainable, environmentally friendly investment strategies.   

Following the presentation, a high-level panel of industry experts will share their perspectives on opportunities that can be leveraged to amplify the role of this sector in meeting global climate and nature ambitions.
Luiz Amaral, CEO of the Science Based Targets Initiative
Professor Nick Robins, the Grantham Institute of Climate Change
Graham Watkins, Inter-American Development Bank
Yunwen Bai, Vice President of the Beijing Institute of Finance and Sustainability (IFS)
Sean Kidney, CEO of the Climate Bonds Initiative
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Organised by the Jeremy Coller Foundation
15.15 – 16.00 GMT+4
Reducing deforestation and industrial farming – a climate win-win
How deforestation and the animal feed trade is driving climate change. How to implement the Leaders Declaration on deforestation from COP26
Rodrigo Agostinho, President of IBAMA (Brazil) (he/him)
Glenn Hurowitz, Founder of Mighty Earth (NGO) (he/him)
Edel Morais, National Secretariat for Traditional Peoples and Communities and Sustainable Rural Development – (Brazil)  (she/her)
Natália Figueiredo, External Affairs Manager of World Animal Protection Brazil (she/her)
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Organised by World Animal Protection