Friday 11 November

Animal Agriculture, Land Use & Emissions

Co-led by Compassion in World Farming & FOUR PAWS

You can follow the livestream on Food4Climate Youtube Channel.

Day schedule
9.15 – 10.30 (EET)
The role of nitrogen management in agriculture in addressing climate change
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11.00 – 12.15 (EET)
Tackling Climate Change through better Livestock Management Systems
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12.45 – 14.00 (EET)
Mitigation and Adaptation Through Ecological Agriculture
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14.30 – 15.45 (EET)
No More Omissions: Real Policy Action on Land Use, Animal Agriculture & GHGs–with a Focus on Methane
(Brighter Green, Global Forest Coalition)
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16.15 – 17.30 (EET)
What is the true climate impact of Industrial Farming?
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18.00 – 19.15 (EET)
Closing the Global Methane Pledge Gap: How the Global North can step up as champions of food system change
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